Frequently Asked Questions
How do you make instant coffee?
  • We brew coffee into a concentrate, freeze dry it, and send it back to you in the packaging of your choosing!

How many servings of instant coffee can be made with 1lb of coffee?

  • Each coffee is different. The average yield is 15 servings per pound. This varies based on coffee, roast, etc. Some coffees yield 12 servings, other 18 per pound. This is why you are only charged for exactly how much is yielded.

Who designs the packaging?

  • We understand everyone has different preferences. You may love designing your own packaging, you may have someone who designs your packaging who you love, or you may need some help. Our design team is happy to design your packaging for you if you need assistance. 

What are the dimensions of your packets / boxes?

  • Packets - 2.625" x 3.8125"
    Boxes - 3" x 2" x 4"
Do you offer bulk instant coffee?
    • Yes, as of September 1, 2020. We will offer bulk instant coffee available in 500g Kraft bags. If you have other packaging you'd like to work with. We are happy to accommodate as well.
    Can I do a sample batch?
    • Of course! Send us 5 pounds of any coffee- or combination of coffees- of your choosing. We charge a flat rate of $75. Your coffee will be returned in crystalized instant form in blank packets and boxes. 


      • Our pricing is broken down per quantity of coffee per order. The more coffee you process, the lower the cost becomes. Contact us for an estimate.
    • Boxes Pounds
      20-50 10-25
      50-100 26-50
      100+ 50+

    Couldn't find an answer?

    • Email us at drinkjuno@gmail.com for further assistance. Thank you!