Juno Coffee was founded in 2018...

out of a passion for coffee roasting during a time when the opportunities for being hired by already established coffee roasting businesses were minimal. It was around this time that Regalia Collective, a co-roasting space in Queens, New York City, was opening. It was at Regalia Collective that we began roasting our first batches of whole bean coffee.

In Summer 2019 we began looking into instant coffee...

At the time, we were spending a lot of time outdoors, specifically rock climbing. We had planned on attending GGBY, a highline festival out in Utah and knew we would have limited resources to make that perfect cup of coffee. So we began a research and development process to find which brewing process worked best for us to create instant coffee out of the small batch, specialty coffee we were roasting. After a long trial and error process we were able to create an instant coffee that we, ourselves enjoyed drinking.

Admittedly, we looked into creating instant coffee for selfish reasons...
but once we realized we weren’t the only ones looking for a simpler way to make great tasting coffee while outdoors on adventures we began packaging and offering instant coffee to our friends, family, and community.

We aren’t here to replace your morning cup of brewed-to-perfection coffee.We love carefully measured and crafted pour-overs just as much as you. Which is why we offer whole bean options in addition to instant. We are here to offer you a cup of quality instant coffee for when you are in a time crunch or when lugging around coffee equipment isn’t practical.


Great coffee shouldn’t be hard to make.
We are fixing that.

We are Juno Coffee.