Hey there!
We believe adventures are better with coffee. We created the Stay Rad Squad to provide free coffee bundles to those that are going on an adventure.

• Are you going on a vacation in the near future?
• Perhaps a weekend getaway?
• Maybe you are going on an overnight camping trip
• traveling to another state?
• Staying in a hotel and a little worried about the coffee setup?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions...

We want to give you FREE coffee!

Seriously. No charge. Free Shipping.


The Deal:
In exchange for FREE coffee we are only requesting 1 thing from you: 

Share a post to social media about your adventure including the following:

• A photo or video of you on your adventure.
• A photo or video of the coffee on your adventure (you are not required to be in this content, but absolutely can be.)

• 2-3+ Sentences about your adventure (coffee talk not required) as a caption.

•Tag or invite us to collaborate on your post!