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Juno Coffee

Juno Instant Sticker Pack

Juno Instant Sticker Pack

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Have you been wanting to try Juno Instant Coffee? Specialty Instant Coffee Single Origin
Juno Instant Coffee Sticker Pack Specialty Instant Coffee
Juno Instant Coffee Sticker Pack Specialty Instant Coffee Single Origin

This pack allows you to sample our Instant Coffee as well as get 3 awesome stickers and a link to a special gift!

Juno Coffee Ethiopia

Currently serving up instant coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Incredibly sweet, clean coffee.

Juno Coffee Ethiopia notes Single origin instant coffee


What's in the Juno Instant Sample Sticker Pack?
• 2 Packets of Juno Instant Coffee
• 1 Juno Coffee Logo Sticker
• 1 Holo Instant Flip Circle Sticker
• 1 Holo Stay Rad Sticker
• 1 Thank You Card with link to Exclusive Gift


Making coffee on-the-go is a pain,
and most instant coffee kinda sucks. 
We made a better instant coffee.

If I'd been handed a mug of this coffee, I'd never be able to tell it was instant made. The flavor comes through smooth and strong. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants the taste of well made roast but doesn't want the hassle of traditional brewing.
~ Samuel M.

Juno Instant Coffee is packaged in 4.5gram single serve packets and shipped to you in a custom painted rainbow box. Every box is unique and hand painted by us at Juno Coffee.

Each Packet of Juno Instant Coffee is approximately 2 shots of espresso.
2 shots of espresso contains approximately 120mg of caffeine. 

Smooth and delicious! Juno Coffee tastes just as good or better than brewed! The flavor is rich and smells so good. I love the convenience of having it ready for recipes and camping out.
~ Tracie C. 


STEP 1: Get a Mug.
STEP 2: Add Instant.
STEP 3: Just Add Water.


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