Private Label Production

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Current Lead Time: 4 weeks
With your payment, please send your coffee to:

Juno Coffee
1905 16th St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

If you opted for labels, please email your design to
Dimensions needed can be found at our FAQ page.

Sample Batch (5lb) Small Production (25lbs)

Medium-Large Production (100 lbs)

80-100 packets 500 packets 1800 packets
10-12 boxes 60 boxes 225 Boxes
~$2.20/serving $1.30/serving $1.08/serving
~$17.60/box $10.40/box $8.64/box
$200 $650 $1950


Coffee roasters across the globe are looking for ways to make their coffee more accessible to their customers. With instant coffee, we bring a consistent experience that is both convenient and enjoyable. 

From extracting coffee to the final product design, we are with you every step of the way. The process is simple. We receive your roasted coffee, each serving is individually brewed into a concentrate, freeze dried, and packaged into individual packets. From there, we’ll help you design the box containing the final product, or you can design your own!